Community buildings were the specialisation of Comtechsa and we have a 30 year history of involvement in consultation, funding, planning management and construction of this building type across the North West. Each building we have designed is created and in collaboration with a wide range of Community and Voluntary groups and all of them are unique to the commissioning partners and the result of many hours consultation to ensure that they are highly responsive to need and operation.

We generally provide a service that initially seeks to define the key organisational parameters in relation to use, business plan, funding, sustainability, and running costs at the concept stage and then go on to develop sketch designs with the clients input. Very often we have the involvement of external funders and support agencies so have developed specific expertise in the process and documentation required to make these projects successful.

Some of the projects mentioned below were carried out under the auspices of Comtechsa Ltd. For some, G Squared Architecture remains involved with the projects.


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