This is the core skill we offer, and we cover all the aspects, whether you intend to make some changes to what you have already or start again from scratch. We can help you from the initial thoughts (see Options Appraisal below) through the outline design, gaining the necessary approvals to finding a contractor and providing the full design details.

For many jobs, we will recommend using specialist consultants for the engineering (structural, heating, lighting etc.) and other aspects, and we have longstanding contacts with fellow professionals.



We are not professional fund-raisers, but after a combined half-century of experience with the voluntary sector, we have picked up a bit of understanding of how to make funding applications, which we are happy to share with you.


For most projects the planning application is your first significant contact with the statutory process. Alongside the plans, other documentation, often a Design & Access Statement, and sometimes anything from a heritage assessment to a transport plan may be needed. We can help you prepare these alongside your planning application.

Improving the energy-efficiency of your home is not always as straightforward as you might suppose. Too many well-meaning attempts to save energy have led to poor outcomes, which have put the fabric of the building – and sometimes the health of the occupants at risk. From 2021 all publicly-funded energy-efficiency measures will have to be assessed for risk according to a standard designated PAS2035, and in many cases a Retrofit Coordinator will have to appointed to guard against poor outcomes.  Dai has completed the Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management, to demonstrate his understanding of the latest insights into the interactions of insulation, ventilation, domestic renewable energy and more.


Whether to extend, alter, knock-down and build anew, or whether to sell up and move somewhere else is not always a straightforward question, but it one of the most important in any project. We can help by assessing the scope, opportunities and limitations of several options, which might be different sites or different ways to move ahead. The decision must be yours, but we can help to clarify the issues


All our projects are designed in 3D, and in addition to the conventional paper-based methods, we can provide virtual buildings which you can walk around and even interrogate on your computer, phone or tablet. The system is called BIMx. You can see some of these through these links:

AQS: Quilliam Village

AQS – 8-10 Brougham Terrace

St Anne’s Church

Pagoda Arts Centre

We can also prepare more conventional stand-alone movie clips from the models such as this:



You will have obligations, as a client, under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 – usually known as CDM – to ensure that your project will not endanger the health or safety of its builders, users, maintenance staff, or indeed those who eventually demolish it. In fact, your specific duties mainly relate to ensuring that there are competent people, with clear responsibilities at the design and construction stages.
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We years of experience in design and building fit out as architects. In many cases, we have assisted our clients good design decisions to plan and enhance their building interiors as well. Examples of some of our interior design service can be viewed.


We are involved in project management for some of your clients. Depending on our client’s requirements, we have provided information, programming, scheduling, preparation of Gantt chart, budget planning, and monitoring progress of work. We have assisted some of clients with complex funding, mortgage, loans and insurance claims.


As an important part of our service, we carry out building condition surveys of existing buildings. Where required, we bring in services of other building engineers and other trade professionals. Our typical building condition survey report includes the following.
Asbestos, drainage, timber, damp, roof, electrical and mechanical services, measured surveys, preparation of plans and 3D BIMX model. We also carry out an access audit when required.


We prepare Access Audits, Heritage Assessment Statement, Transport Statement, and Noise Impact Statement.