Walton CAB was opened several years ago to cope with increased demand for impartial advice services in North Liverpool. Comtechsa were commissioned early in the project to add value in the search for suitable premises and advise on the feasibility of each option. This required surveying each proposal, preparing sketch plans and costing the scheme in order to determine viability.

Eventually a suitable site was located in the right location, but, owing to its unsound structural condition the decision was taken to demolish the existing building and rebuild the accommodation on the site which allowed us the opportunity to improve the environmental performance and greater freedom to increase the spatial efficacy of the plans.

The new CAB, which is fully complete and operational, contains various facilities including interview rooms, meeting rooms, triage, open plan offices and management accommodation. Overall we have created a modern, flexible, cost effective environment with a distinctive ambience that has been well received by the community.

  • Project Type: Community
  • Client: North Liverpool CAB