Alder Hey Bereavement Centre

Alder Hey Bereavement Centre

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The RIBA-organised competition, for Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, will select an architect-led design team to deliver the new 310m2 facility, which will provide bereavement counselling for families who have lost a child, as well as a national telephone helpline and general counselling for hospital staff.

The building, says the contest announcement, will ‘provide a dedicated facility to meet the needs of this highly specialised and sensitive service, in which purpose-designed external space will be as equally an important feature of the successful design.

‘The new Alder Centre will be a key addition to the Health Park Campus, whose design will need to reflect the quality of other recent developments on the site and the “Hospital in a Park” landscape setting.’

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital specialises in treating oncology and muscular dystrophy as well as spinal, heart and brain conditions, and is one of the largest of its kind in the UK and in Europe.

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